"Fly On The Wall" SEO Mastery Class

Discover the processes, that once implemented, will have you crushing your competition.

About your instructor


Steve Scott has a history in training dating back to 1990.  He has trained and consulted with Fortune 1000 companies and has been a specialist in the search engine optimization and web site design field since 1998.

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You'll get instant access to over 50 videos and 30 hours of up-to-date SEO techniques and strategies.


What will you learn from this SEO class?

  • 6-step systematic approach to gain top positions in the major search engines

  • Discover how to determine exactly what your ideal buying audience is searching for, instead of guessing or shooting in the dark

  • Step-by-step guidance on how to create content and in what order

  • Learn unique ways to make dramatic improvements to your-click-through ratios to beat the other guys – even if you’re not #1

  • Keyword forensics will explore the hidden evidence of your buying audiences search behavior very quickly

  • How to compel visitors to take action and respond

  • Take the guesswork out of your internet marketing

  • Much more!

It’s refreshing to find such a reputable SEO instructor at the Search Engine Academy.

Joan Khalaf


Super knowledgeable and makes learning SEO fun and interesting. Love the class! I would recommend this course to anyone interested in improving their online marketing techniques.

Mickey Arledge


As a web developer, it’s easy to think that you know what to do when it comes to SEO. I am truly thankful to Beth for expanding my knowledge of the entire SEO discipline. Her expertise and knowledge are greatly appreciated.

Brent Rusk

Freelance Web Developer

I would highly recommend this SEO workshop.  I’ve just completed the 2 day introductory course and have been enlightened on the tools of SEO.  I really think it’s important to understand the technology as a business owner.  I now feel more confident to help implement future marketing campaigns.

Kristal Kraft

You guys are amazing! I attend different courses conducted by some of the top names in the Industry but this is the best course I have ever attended.

Sean Cooney

Marketing Professional

I must congratulate you for running what can only be described as the most productive and informative workshop I have ever attended – ever – truly first class.

Mani Maran

WSI Internet Consultant

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