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  • Learn What it Is and Why It's Important

    If you want your business to show up for more customers, understand the basics

  • Find, claim, verify your business listings

    Avoid the common mistakes that sink many businesses before they even get started

  • Optimize your business name for Google

    The way you enter your business name has a significant impact on how well Google understands your business

  • Describe your business for results

    Use keywords that will guide customers to your listing; avoid spammy techniques that Google punishes

  • Choose the categories that matter

    Google offers thousands of categories for businesses; pick the ones that matter for your business

Ross Barefoot

Meet the Instructor

Ross is a long-time veteran of the Search Engine wars and remembers when Google My Business was just a toddler, wandering around in the Google-verse without much of a mission. 


Ross is the Chief Technology Officer for Horizon Web Marketing and the President of Search Engine Academy, a division of Search Pros International. He has been an SEO since 2002 and an SEO Trainer since 2008.

"Ross Barefoot is a great facilitator who gets straight to the point but makes the information he is presenting accessible to everyone in the audience. I highly recommend any of these workshops or services to help improve your SEO and make your business relevant!"


— Allison Londregan, Event Designer

"I love Ross' teaching style: funny and down-to-earth. He's extremely knowledgeable and presents his material in a fast paced and engaging way, yet he's patient to ensure he hasn't left his students behind."


—Kathy Rehberg, Realtor


Training You for Success Online Since 2002

Search Engine Academy was founded in 1999 by John Alexander and Robin Nobles.


Previous to 2002, John Alexander was hired by a large franchise to train Internet Consultants with SEO skills. He trained small groups of business people from over 80 different countries.


John first met Robin at a SES Conference in San Francisco and later they partnered to conduct the very first hands-on SEO Workshop.


The Search Engine Academy was modeled after our first few SEO workshops, which first began in San Antonio, Texas in January 2002.


After realizing the need for quality SEO training, and because of the format of the smaller group classes, we realized the need to have SEO training Associates, and that’s how Search Engine Academy got started.

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