8 Secrets To Optimize Your Images For Search

In Google's eyes, images help to show that your business is a legitimate organization.

Google rewards businesses that include quality images on their GMB profile.

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Why is image search important?

Image Search.

  • Help drive traffic to your site
  • Optimizing your images will help you show up at the top

Blended Search.

  • Search engine incorporate different search results on your typical Search Engine Results Page (SERP), including images
  • Easy way to avoid some competition and still direct people to your site

Photo Sharing Sites.

  • Show up better on photo sharing sites as well as social image sharing sites

What will I learn?

  • Do your keyword research

  • Choose the "right" picture

  • Name your file corrently

  • Use the best size for your image

  • Use the best file format

  • Include alt and title text

  • Link using anchor text

  • Geotagging images

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